How much does a bar cost?
Your investment in a Christiano Furniture bar will vary according to your choice of design and materials. We design and manufacture the finest bars in the world, and value engineers our products to meet our client’s budget when possible.

Can you manufacture a bar that fits my budget?
We strongly encourage you to share your budget with us. We will be upfront to let you know whether we can create the bar you envision or how we can value engineer it to fit your budget whenever possible.

How long does it take to build a bar?
Our bars are built to meet the most demanding standards and therefore take time. We like to ask for 10-12 weeks lead time if the bar isn’t in stock, but special circumstances on your part might be considered to shorten the process, as we are well aware of the importance to you of meeting opening day deadlines. We strive to help make your venture a success and to facilitate things on your end we will respect shipping deadlines we have agreed upon at beginning of production.

How do I get started?
The first thing would be to give us a call, e-mail or use live chat. During this discussion, we will ask you to tell us about your project, and ask you questions to help us understand your vision. 

Why would I have you build the bar and not someone local?
Being one of the very few millwork companies specializing in bars, we have made all the errors that are inevitable when creating such a particular expensive piece of furniture. Our bar top will not crack, equipments will fit perfectly, your patrons will be comfortable, the bar will attract the eye and be an incredible focal point, and your bartender(s) will be as efficient and productive as can be. We receive orders from all over the world from clients that know of our quality! We have built bars and shipped them to places as far away as Russia, Europe, Japan, Iceland, Mongolia, South and Central America, and all over the United States.

Where can I see one of your bars?
We have built several bars all over the United States and the world since 1978 and we would be glad to direct you to a bar in your location if possible.

Do you warrant your bars?
Yes. Our bars are built to meet the highest standards and meant to last a lifetime and more.

How do I get my bar?
Once the bar is finished, each piece is carefully packed into custom wooden crates. Free space is filled with hard cartoon to protect the bar to the maximum. The bar is then shipped to you at a cost depending on location and size. We can consult with your contractor or yourself to guide you through the install which would be very easy installation.

How soon will I receive my merchandise?

We do all we can to ship your items as quickly as possible. While most items are in stock and delivered within 2 weeks, you have to allow at least 4-5 weeks for some items to arrive. All  our items require careful packaging for protection. Unless paying via Paypal or check cards, the value of your order will not be deducted from your credit card till the order is dispatched.

Why you do not offer “free shipping” like other online furniture stores?
As a matter of fact, “free shipping” service that some online furniture companies offer is never free, these businesses break even on their costs of shipping and handling by overcharging their customers, especially that in their plans, they consider shipping fees to the remote areas. We believe this is unfair to assume and include the same shipping fees for all locations in our prices. Some businesses think that by artificially inflating their shipping and handling costs, they can really boost their profits. The truth is, high shipping fees are traditionally one of the major reasons people decide against purchasing products online. Today’s online consumers tend to be a lot savvier about the true costs of shipping and handling than some businesses might think. Having to choose between free shipping service and lower prices, we chose lower prices!

How do you prevent damage to the merchandise?
All Christiano Furniture products are carefully packaged and inspected prior to shipping.  All damage claims should be noted with the delivery carrier. If concealed damage is found after delivery, please contact us. Notification of concealed damaged claims must be made within 5 days of delivery. We will be glad to process your request to replace your lost or damaged orders as quickly as possible.

What can I expect from the freight company upon arrival?
On all freight orders, the shipping company will contact you and deliver your items to your front door or garage of your home. Please make all necessary arrangements to assist with the delivery of your package. If you require additional handling, (inside delivery, for example) this is not included in the shipping price. You will have to request  the additional handling directly with the freight company and pay the additional charge directly to them.

What if the product arrived damaged?
We have a whole set of emergency-processing mechanism. When you pick up the product, please open the package in front of the freight company staff. Should you find the products damaged, you may ask the staff to issue a product damage certification. Then please contact Christiano Furniture as soon as you can.

Can I request using my own carrier?
Yes, many of our customers prefer using their own local carriers.

How do I become a testimonial ?
We love to hear about how you enjoy our products. Send  us your  photos with your new furniture item, your name and location.